June 7 Primary Results – Sanders takes North Dakota; Clinton wins California, New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico

To say that this wasn’t a blow out for the Clinton campaign would be an understatement.


Take, for example, RealClearPolitics’ California tracker where Clinton averaged around +2.

As of now, Clinton is leading 62% to 36%. We’ll see pundits talk about where the Sanders campaign failed in the coming days to come (and if he’ll drop out), but by my best guess, it’s just from voter fatigue. It’s been clear for weeks (if not months, really) that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee for the Democrats. And it’s all well and good to campaign until the last vote, but Sanders was also promising to take the momentum of a California win to the DNC floor, and I bet that voters simply are tired of his talk. He ran a very good campaign, but it is time for Sanders to accept his loss. Barring FBI indictment, Clinton is the nominee. And even then, I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to run someone else in place of Bernie should that happen.

Here are the rest of the results as of 12:21 AM EST:




(The Republicans already voted earlier in the year in North Dakota.)



And that’s pretty much it, folks. I’ll put together a summary of the speeches in the morning, but here’s a juicy tidbit – on Monday, Trump will give a speech on Clinton scandals. I’ll go into further detail on that in the next blog. I’m buying stock in Orville Redenbacher right now.


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